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Trail Guide: A Simple Manual for Understanding the Bible

By Lindsay Banton 

Do you desire to read and understand the Bible for yourself, but need some help getting started? 


Are you curious about the Bible, but not sure where to start?


Consider Trail Guide your go-to manual for navigating the Bible’s landscape. Using lessons from her family hikes and other adventures, Lindsay provides practical tips for exploring the Scriptures, fit for anyone–for those who have walked the paths of the Bible many times to those exploring it for the first time. 

In these pages you will discover how to

- Identify the genre and context of each book of the Bible,

- Apply the passage to your own life,

- Develop trustworthy Bible study habits,

- Engage with confusing parts of the Bible, and

- Locate more helpful resources to hike deeper into the Bible.


When it comes to the Word of God, grasping the point of what you’re reading, and thinking deeply about the ideals and concepts within, is essential.

Trail Guide is available in digital format directly from the publisher.

Are you leading a group through Trail Guide? Download a free Discussion Guide! 

Praise for Trail Guide

“There is a lot to like in this book—it will set your feet firmly on a good path to reading the Bible productively.”

John H Walton, Ph.D.

 Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College and Graduate School


 "Trail Guide is a practical book that gives you the tools you need to navigate through the Bible. And if you're outdoorsy you're in for a treat! The book is chock-full of hiking principles and stories that make Bible study come alive.”

– Glen Davis,

 Director of Chi Alpha at Stanford University


"As both a Bible teacher and a parent of adolescents, I really appreciate this insightful and accessible resource. Lindsay winsomely brings together both personal stories and informed analysis to provide a helpful overview for anyone on the journey of engaging God’s Word. Whether you are brand new to the Bible or a seasoned veteran looking for fresh insights, you will find this book a welcome companion on your travels."

–Kevin Boyd,

Associate Director of Scripture Engagement – Biblical Education
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA 


"Lindsay combines her love for the outdoors and the Bible in an easy to use trail guide that will help anyone interested in reading or studying the Bible. She breaks the process down into clear and simple steps that help in navigating the biblical terrain. I encourage anyone who is curious about exploring the Bible to use this guide and discover what God is saying to you."   

-Steve "Father Time" Hawley

Founder of Hiker Church

"In the midst of a culture of declining biblical literacy, Lindsay provides clear, time-tested strategies for reading, understanding and applying God's word to your life.   Her use of historical and personal anecdotes make Trail Guide an engaging read."

–Scott Thomson
Cru Team Leader - University of Connecticut

International Partnership Leader - Austria

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