The most embarrassing thing I have ever googled

I have recently decided that not only do I not like to cook or do dishes, I also have started to dislike grocery shopping. My poor family. This comes at a rather inopportune time also, since we are trying to continue down the path of eating healthy. However, avocados and protein balls don’t come in packages ready to eat, nor do they arrive on my doorstep prepared. This food we all want to eat just seems to require attention I’d rather give to other things and my personal assistant hasn’t show up yet.

However, I think I have hit an all time low. I googled the most embarrassing thing this afternoon. You see, there wasn’t much left in the fridge or freezer because I avoid grocery shopping. But, being the good mom I am, I couldn’t let the kids go hungry. So I looked at the random foods we did have and asked google for help.

Did you know there are about four dozen websites that give you ideas on what to do with frozen chicken nuggets? Now you do. And now I know 11 different ways to use them in strange ways. Thank you Megan Splawn for compiling this list.

So, lesson learned. If you find yourself in the desperate place of needing to serve your family chicken nuggets for the third out of the last four meals, just know there are plenty of creative things to do with them.

If you can pick which of the 11 things I did with my ziplock bag full of nuggets tonight, you win a prize. It’s a su-prize.

PS: If you find my personal assistant, send her to my house. ASAP.

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