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The Grief Blanket

Sometimes, when very hard things happen, it feels like your heart breaks into a million pieces. Grief is a weird, waffley, wavey thing.

Grief can come in unexpected places in unexpected ways and at unexpected times.

Grief can feel like a heavy blanket covering you. Sometimes the blanket is so big and heavy that you might wonder if you’re strong enough to push it off or big enough to find the edge to catch a breath. But don’t worry, you will.

Grief can feel like a thin bedsheet, light and floaty. Sometimes the sheet tangles around your leg and you might wonder if you’re strong enough to kick yourself free. But don’t worry, you can.

Grief can feel like the cozy blanket on the couch, small and fuzzy. Sometimes you trip over it because it was left on the floor and you might wonder if it’s ok to pick it up and wrap yourself in it for a few minutes. Don’t worry, you can.

Grief can feel like a powerful wind at the beach which takes your breath away. It seems to last forever. You might wonder if you’ll catch your breath ever again, but if

you hold on for a moment, you’ll find you’re able to breathe again.

Grief can feel like a summer wind strong enough to bend the trees far off in the distance. You might see if blowing way over there so you know it is near, but you can’t feel it on your skin at the moment.

Grief can feel like a quick spring gust, fast and unexpected. You might be surprised it blew in, but it goes away just as quick.

After some time has passed, the big, heavy blanket will become a reminder of the loss. Wrapping up in it will bring a comforting hug. Or, the warm summer wind will be a powerful reminder of how much you love.

When you're facing a difficult place, remember "the winds and waves still know His name". I bet the blankets do, too.

God is in the wind.

God is with us in the waves.

He commands them all and they must obey his words. God is bigger than them and bigger than grief.

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