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Follow Me: An Interactive Encounter with the Words of Jesus


All the details:

Follow Me: An Interactive Encounter with the Words of Jesus came about to meet a need I observed. Many parents and pastors kept asking for recommendations for tools to help kids learn how to study the Bible for themselves. Since this topic is right up my alley, I decided to add my voice to the mix. 

Follow Me is a 56 day devotional which follows Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as written in Matthew 5–7. Readers are asked to engaged the verse for the day by copying into the journal, fill in the blanks, or scratch out the silly words to reveal the correct words. Each day, the reader is given a short (150-200) devotional to read and questions to consider. Answers can be written directly in the journal. Within the daily reading, proper exegesis skills are modeled such as reading the verse within the context, considering how the original hearers understood the words, and applying the idea or intention of the passage to our daily life.

Follow Me includes a 56 day tracker, three color and cut bookmarks, and color sheets every 7 days. The target reader is about 8–11 years old, but a little younger and a little older could enjoy it as well. 


Available to order on June 1, 2024

Sample Pages & Junior Launch Team Readers

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