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Snow Queens and C0vid

  Most years we visited the Legendary Santa as kids. Just before meeting with Santa, visitors stopped and talked with the Snow Queen first. She was a young woman, wearing a beautiful white gown and long silky white gloves. Alongside her bright smile was a tiny microphone which I always noticed and momentarily wondered where it went. She asked our names and if we had ever met with Santa before and, if time allowed, what we were hoping to ask Santa to give us at Christmas. Once the family in front of us was finished with their 5-minute conversation and picture with Santa, it was our turn. Magically, he called us each by name, remembered us from last year and asked if we were still wishing for the toys we requested in our letters. He asked about how school was going and if we were still going to set out the delicious cookies he liked so much. His tiny earpiece and the tape on his cheek weren’t overlooked by young me. I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so welcomed with this Santa as a