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It's All Sacred

While sitting at my husband’s Spiritual Direction closing ceremony last week, a comment was spoken that struck me as rather extraordinary. The woman said, “remind people that most things can become sacred by adding the word ‘holy’ in front of the activity”. Holy resting.  Holy listening.  Holy eating.  Holy playing.  Holy working.  Holy researching.  Holy walking.  Holy learning.  Holy teaching.  Holy writing. Holy cleaning. To some people, it might sound silly to think of our everyday activities as holy. To some, it might sound like overly religious chatter. Yet, for others, it might help alleviate pressure or cause us to do our tasks with more intention. Choosing to see how we spend our hours as ‘holy work’ asks us to bring a level of seriousness to our tasks. It’s a reminder that everything we do should be given proper time and attention. Also, it helps to see that there is no need to rush to get through something just to get to a more important task