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When God Made Light- a fantastic addition to your Easter baskets

If you are looking for a sweet book to include in your upcoming Easter Baskets, check out When God Made Light by Matthew Turner, the same author of When God Made You. Turner uses the story of God creating the light as the basis of his poetry and speaks about all the things that shine light- the sun, moon, fireflies, campfires, flashlights- and teaches about how the darkness has to leave when light is shined. My favorite part of his poem is near the end when he says,  “cause you’re just like the sun and the moon in the sky, as lustrous as twinkles that dazzle the eye, You’re as splendid as lightning when it flashes so bright,  ‘cause on the day you were born, God said, “let there be light!” So beam like the sun; glimmer like a star. And wherever you go, dark will stop being dark. Shimmer and shine, be a beacon so bright, ‘cause when God made you, child, God made light.” Gosh, I love that. Imagine if we all truly believed t