My day

There's a reason my blogging has been a little slow lately. I have been writing a weekly post for a homeschool curriculum company, and while the discipline of having a deadline every seven days has been good for me, I am still learning to make time for other writing. Maybe one day I will get it all together... Until then, here is a little post I wrote about how I spent a semi-typical day a few weeks ago. 

So, what do your days look like? Are your days the same everyday or do you have a different schedule? 


  1. My day is seriously different every day. And, I thought that the variety was only a college thing and I hoped to outgrow it. Nope. Christians are thankfully ADD and God blesses that.. I think. #spirit-led

  2. Oh, and your schedule is simply delightful!! I would love to wake up at 4:45 and have french press coffee break with my toddler and I'm not a morning person. My heart can't wait for that. Nevertheless, homeschooling :( I only dream about that. Praise God. Motherhood is such a gift. I need to go dream now. Oh, 7th heaven!! :-)


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