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Maple Sugaring

Post disclaimer: Please excuse the overly detailed blogpost. I am writing it for two reasons; first, so that I can remember all the fun facts I have learned over the last few weeks and secondly, so that someone else might learn a few things.  Being new to the New England culture and a homeowner with massive maple trees in our yard, I somehow decided that I wanted to try my hand at making maple syrup.  So, with a Christmas gift from Gil’s aunt, I purchased 4 taps and a few books on the process. Here is a quick summary of what I learned:  -the process of getting sap from maple trees and turning it into maple syrup or sugar is called sugaring.  -the Native Americans were doing this and taught the early immigrants about maple sugaring.  -for every 1 gallon of sap a tree yields, there is another 1000 gallons of sap running through it’s fibers.  -the term for the maple sap moving throughout the fibers of the tree is called “running”  -the sugaring season last for 4-6 we