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There's a first time for everything....

It's the 4th of July. What better way than to celebrate the 4th than with a parade, right? Let's mix the excitement of an Independence Day parade with the uniqueness of this small town in New England and see what happens.  See if you can spot anything out of the ordinary.... My parade crew is ready for the experience. The ladies behind my family are part of the band. The local balloon people are there. The lady on the right, yep...she's also a part of the band.  This guy isn't a part of the parade, but at the same time, he is. He is part of the band.  Prior to taking this picture, I'd never noticed how cute some of our Main Street buildings are! Loads of band members here...all ready and waiting for the action to begin.  And, we're off.  Cute hat, my dear.  Parade Mama, whomever that may be, made this fun banner. See, the guy in the tie-die? He is a HUGE part of the band.  See?  The parade had all the regular part