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Have you ever heard, sung, watched, experienced something that you’ve done dozens, maybe hundreds, of times before, but for some reason, it suddenly became drastically different? It happened to me... A few months before our big move, I was singing a song I’ve sung for years... So faithful. So constant.  So loving and so true. So powerful in all You do. You fill me. You see me.  You know my every move and You love for me to sing to You. I know that You are for me.  I know that You are for me. I know that You will never,  forsake me in my weaknesses. ~You Are For Me, by Kari Jobe For some (obvious) reason, the line “you know my every move” struck me so differently. I had always thought this line was a paraphrase of Psalm 139:2....”you know when I sit, you know when I rise...”, and it is, undoubtedly. But my thoughts instantly connected to God’s knowledge of my daily habits to his awareness of our upcoming move . I know it sounds silly. We wouldn’t